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9 October, 2023

This document aims to assist individuals in articulating their reasons for wanting to work at Linde.

Company Overview

Linde is a leading global industrial gases and engineering company with operations spanning over 100 countries. Founded in 1879, the company specializes in the production and distribution of atmospheric gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and specialty gases, including hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and acetylene. Linde also designs and constructs gas processing plants and related infrastructure, serving diverse sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, petrochemicals, and food and beverage. Recognized for its innovation and commitment to sustainability, Linde focuses on delivering high-quality products and services while minimizing environmental impact. The company prides itself on maintaining a forward-thinking approach, embracing cutting-edge technologies and fostering a collaborative and inclusive work culture.

Sample Answers

Sample Answer 1: Passion for Innovation and Sustainability

"I want to work for Linde because I am passionate about innovation and sustainability. Linde's commitment to developing advanced gas solutions and minimizing environmental impact aligns perfectly with my values. I am impressed with Linde’s extensive R&D initiatives and its proactive approach to addressing global challenges related to energy and environmental sustainability. Being part of a company that is at the forefront of industrial gas technology and contributes positively to society excites me."

Sample Answer 2: Career Growth and Development Opportunities

"Linde is a global leader in the industrial gases and engineering industry, and I see it as a place where I can significantly grow my career. I am particularly interested in the diverse opportunities Linde offers across various sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, and petrochemicals. The company’s robust learning and development programs demonstrate its commitment to employee growth, and I believe working here will provide me with the skills and experiences needed to advance my career."

Sample Answer 3: Collaborative and Inclusive Work Culture

"I am drawn to Linde because of its collaborative and inclusive work culture. From my research and interactions with current employees, it's clear that Linde places a high value on teamwork and diversity. The company's focus on creating an inclusive environment where all employees can contribute and thrive mirrors my personal and professional values. I am eager to bring my skills to a company where there's strong support for employee well-being and growth."

Additional Tips for Customizing Your Answer

  • Personalize Your Passion: Mention specific personal interests or experiences related to Linde’s industry or products.
  • Align Values: Highlight how Linde’s values and mission resonate with your own.
  • Relate to Their Impact: Discuss a specific Linde project or initiative that inspires you and how you see yourself contributing to it.
  • Career Aspirations: Describe how the role you’re applying for fits into your long-term career goals.
  • Cultural Fit: Reflect on Linde’s work culture and how it matches your preferred work environment.

Remember, the most compelling answers are those that connect your unique skills, experiences, and values with the company’s mission and culture.