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10 October, 2023

This document is designed to help you craft a compelling answer to the question: "Why do you want to work for Shell?"

About Shell

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies with a presence in over 70 countries. They explore for oil and gas on land and at sea, produce and transport oil and gas, and market natural gas, electricity, and renewable energy. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, Shell is also investing in new energy solutions like wind, solar, and hydrogen. The company aims to meet the world’s increasing energy needs in ways that are economically, environmentally, and socially responsible. Shell’s integrated approach includes their work in biofuels, electric vehicle charging, and energy partnerships with major industries. As an industry leader, Shell offers extensive career opportunities in engineering, geoscience, business management, and more.

Sample Answers

Answer 1: Sustainability Focus

"I want to work for Shell because of its significant commitment to sustainability and innovation in the energy sector. I am particularly inspired by Shell's initiatives in renewable energy, including wind and solar projects, as well as its pioneering work in hydrogen technology. I believe that working at Shell would provide me with the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable future while being a part of a company that values economic and environmental responsibility."

Answer 2: Career Development

"Shell stands out to me because of its strong emphasis on professional growth and career development. With extensive opportunities in various fields such as engineering, geoscience, and business management, Shell offers the kind of dynamic, challenging environment that I am seeking. I am eager to join a company that not only focuses on innovative solutions to meet the world’s energy needs but also invests in the personal and professional growth of its employees."

Answer 3: Global Impact

"I am keen to work for Shell due to its global impact and industry leadership in energy and petrochemicals. The company’s operations span over 70 countries, and its integrated approach to energy solutions aligns with my career aspirations. I am particularly interested in Shell’s efforts in emerging markets and its commitment to responsibly meeting the energy demands of a growing global population. Being a part of Shell would enable me to make a meaningful contribution on an international scale."

Additional Tips

  1. Personalize Your Motivation: Reflect on specific projects, values, or initiatives of Shell that resonate with your personal or professional interests.
  2. Highlight Relevant Experience: Tailor your answer to include experiences and skills that directly relate to the job you're applying for at Shell.
  3. Align with Company Values: Familiarize yourself with Shell’s core values and ensure your answer demonstrates alignment with these principles.
  4. Show Enthusiasm: Convey genuine enthusiasm for the role and the company. This positive attitude can be compelling to employers.
  5. Research Recent News: Mention any recent achievements or news about Shell that reinforce your interest, showing that you are informed and engaged.